Mark Zuckerberg Has Admitted That Facebook Has a Problem With Fake News

Ten days after the U.S. presidential election, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that his company has a problem with proliferating fake stories across the internet.

President Obama Calls for Finding Middle Ground Around Issues Pertaining to Apple-FBI Fight

President Barack Obama appeared at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin today and weighed in on the issues that are central to the ongoing fight between Apple and the FBI. The feds want the consumer brand to create a backdoor on its phones for the sake of investigations.

Obamacare Ads Enlist Your Mother

We've seen the president on Between Two Ferns, we've seen Billy Eichner quiz Olivia Wilde on the subject of "Obamacare or shut up," and now w

State of the Union: One Huge Online Branding War

It's become standard practice during widely broadcasted social events (especially political ones) for interested persons and groups to wage a quiet social media war to grab real estate in front of an already captive audience and try to ignite that elusive viral spark.

Here’s the Only Part of the Debate Obama Won

On the University of Denver's main quad, amid a sea of food trucks, fleets of motorcycle cops, and indie concert acts, it looked more like a music festival than the backdrop for a wonky policy debate. In fact, it would seem at yesterday's political epicenter, campaigns had to strain to get their messages out over the din of 2,000 college students more interested in a concert than a live MSNBC broadcast. With so much potential to have the message lost in the noise, much of the ground messaging for the event fell on the campaign ground teams, where the Obama campaign outshined team Romney.

The Digital Election: Money Flowing Online, but Not Persuasion Ads

While much of the political world is focusing on tomorrow's big debate in Denver, Advertising Week got a taste of the political discussion today at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Mixx conference.

As Conventions Wrap, Democrats Win Round One of Social Media Fight

The first round of the presidential social media dogfight wound down Thursday night with the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C—and it appears Democrats walked away with a formidable victory.

White House Updates Mobile App in Time for Election

Not one to miss out on a digital trend, the Obama White House announced a reboot of its Apple and Android mobile app on Wednesday (Sept. 5) just in time for President Obama's convention speech Thursday night.

Adweek’s Digital Guide to Election Apps and Sites

If the 2008 election cycle was dominated by the blog, then 2012 will most surely be the cycle defined by digital. Be it through apps, dashboards, social streams, livestream videos or interactive charts, publishers, candidates and media outlets are looking to make their mark in the digital space and cover the presidential race.

Romney Will Announce Vice Presidential Pick via App

It would appear that the Mitt Romney campaign loves apps. With less than 100 days to go, Mitt Romney's digital team this morning announced an iPhone and Android app called "Mitt's vp" that will "enable push notifications to get the exciting [vp] news before the press and just about everyone else."