How Nutella’s First Branded Content Series Will Spread Happiness

Feeling down? Nutella has something that might help. The hazelnut spread has released its first branded content effort, a documentary series from creative shop Brand Programming Studios, that's meant to make consumers happy. 

How Nutella Spread From Wartime Italy to the Tables of the World

In March 1995, readers of The New Yorker happened across a Talk of the Town piece that, if it hadn't been about food, could easily have been about sex.

These Are the Chocolate Brands People Can’t Stop Talking About on Social

Oreo is the most talked-about chocolate brand in the world on social media, followed by Nutella, M&M's, Starbucks and Cadbury.

With Exclusive Nutella Partnership, Tim Hortons Looks to Boost Its Profile in the U.S.

If the one thing missing from your morning routine has been Nutella-infused pastries—and you happen to live in the Tim Hortons footprint—then you're in luck.

3 Shops Chase Tic Tac’s Creative Business

Ferrero U.S.A. is in the late stages of a creative review of its Tic Tac brand, with three shops awaiting a selection, according to sources. The incumbent, Merkley + Partners in New York, is believed to be defending against two other agencies that could not be ascertained.

Nutella Thanks Its Biggest Fan, Founder of World Nutella Day, by Sending Her a Cease and Desist

Most brand marketers can only dream of having a superfan who organizes a global holiday dedicated to their product. And then there's Nutella. The chocolate-hazelnut spread's parent company, Italy-based Ferrero has sent a cease-and-desist letter to World Nutella Day founder and organizer Sara Rosso.