Norwegian Seafood Council

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

This week, Hertz fooled people with a hot new ski accessory, Axe compared the relative attractiveness of firemen and astronauts, and Samsung showed that its washing machine holds up to the most "grizzly" loads.

Dancers Portray ‘Human Sushi’ in Crazy Seafood Ads

Ad agency Try/Apt put together a series of spots for the Norwegian Seafood Council that show modern dancers frolicking around as pieces of fish in an attempt to make sushi more appealing. That's one way, I guess. The masked dancers in the "Maki" ad suggest, at least visually, a touch of the Innsmouth Curse, which isn't something I'd put in an ad that's ultimately about food. But I still like the idea here. Weird conceptual ads are a welcome breather from the endless wacky-office-culture crap we get in the States. Two more spots after the jump.