Advertising is everywhere, or it soon will be

The growing mania for "sponsored cities"—slapping advertising on all manner of municipal real estate—can lead to only one place as the economy continues to sputter. Soon, we'll have advertising inside […]

Keep her happy in bed. Stop your snoring.

"Move over, Viagra. The real answer to what women want most in bed isn't a better lover but a night without snoring!" That's the beginning of an e-mail pitch from […]

New Zealand bets on an exploding billboard

If you're the kind of person who likes to sit at the computer and watch absolutely nothing happen, you could do worse than visit When will the fruit burst?, a […]

Now, there’s a real killer conference booth

Forrester Research analyst Jeremiah Owyang spotted this eye-catching booth at the recent Online Market World conference in San Francisco. Doba is a "dropshipping" site that connects wholesale suppliers with online […]

Ocean Spray’s cranberries take to the road

As slogans go, "Bogs Across America" isn’t one that trips off the tongue. But when you see a cranberry bog set up in New York City’s Rockefeller Center, part of […]

Can’t afford TV? Hey, flip books are similar!

Flip books haven’t been a major part of anyone’s marketing efforts since, oh, probably the late 1800s. But with everyone cutting back their media budgets, custom flip-book maker Flippies sees […]

Dos Equis teams with freak-show Jim Rose

After a night of watching Japanese robotic dancers, fire jugglers and French burlesque singers, boy do you need a drink. Cue legendary "new circus" performer Jim Rose, who is teaming […]

Foosball table livens up any marketing plan

Marketing materials simply don’t get more manly than a foosball table with sausages for players. That’s just what Red Tettemer has created with this "Sausage vs. Sausage" foosball table for […]

Naked statues languish without healthcare

Nothing sells healthcare—or anything, really—quite like nudity. Which brings us to "Uncovered," an outdoor display by Taxi for Blue Shield of California that features 40 statues showing humans in "vulnerable […]

Army recruits face first big test at the mall

I suppose some left-wingers will object to the U.S. Army setting up a high-tech "Experience Center" in a Philadelphia mall. Frankly, I can’t think of a better place for young […]