How Nokia’s Original Ringtone Became the Most Played Tune on the Planet

When Audrey Arbeeny addresses an audience, she likes to play a game called Name This Sound. Arbeeny, founder of the New York-based sonic branding firm Audiobrain, plays several jingles in a row—Intel's bongs, the NBC chimes, HBO's white noise—and asks attendees to guess the corresponding brand. Success varies, except for one instance.

This Week’s Must-Haves: Nokia’s New Camera Brings VR Recording to the Masses

This week, Adweek is showcasing a Keurig that makes chilled drinks, a Birchbox Movember box and a chalkboard that streams music. Take a look!

5 Brilliantly Faked Viral Ads That People Still Keep Thinking Are Real

Sometimes even the smartest people you know can share something fake in social media, and correcting them is one of the few joys of being an ad geek. We've compiled some viral ads that have proven the test of time by fooling folks into clicking the share button for a surprising number of years the spots were debunked.Check out the stories and learn the agencies behind these durable bits of deception below: 

Here’s a Look at How Microsoft Makes Its Money in the Post-PC Era

Microsoft had to absorb a $7.5 billion loss because its plan to buy Nokia and then grab a bigger share of mobile devices mostly failed. The Redmond, Wash.-based company has a 3 percent share in the smartphone market, and its Surface device has only seen modest sales, $888 million last quarter.

4 Mobile Innovations That Are Hastening the Decline of Desktops

Earlier this winter I joined several hundred investors at Helsinki's annual Slush event, which started in 2008 as a cozy gathering of Nordic entrepreneurs and has since grown into a leading conference of its kind in Europe, drawing 14,000 participants and, this year, a keynote from Chinese vice premier Wang Yang.

How One Man Hopes to Restore the Legacy of Kodak

Steven Overman has been passed a torch that is very bright but awfully heavy. On Oct. 1, he was named CMO of Kodak. Remember Kodak? With the first handheld camera and roll film, Kodak was the brand that taught Americans to take pictures.

Microsoft Announces Largest Ever Round of Layoffs

Microsoft plans to cut up to 18,000 jobs by the middle of next year, as part of "a restructuring plan to simplify its organization and align the recently acquired Nokia Devices and Services business with the company’s overall strategy," the company said in a statement tod

Retail, Automotive Biggest Spenders in 2013

The absence of the Summer Olympics and political spending in fall 2013 (compared to their presence in 3Q 2012) may have put a damper on advertising expenditures, but total ad revenue for the year was still up 0.9 percent to $140.2 billion, according to a new report

5 Epic Branded Twitter #Fails of 2013

While the potential benefits of real-time marketing have been documented, the tactic's perils helped keep the ad industry entertained during 2013. Well, the brands that got caught in Twitter's crosshairs were certainly not amused.

Ad of the Day: Nokia Grows a Mullet in Oddest Tablet Spot Ever

In the long list of ways we've seen tablets marketed over the past few years, from highlighting their technical aspects to their family-friendliness to their excellent customer service, there's one tactic that hasn't been deployed: comparing the device to an outdated hairstyle.