nicolas cage

Can You Rage Like Cage? These German Creatives Built a Site That Will Tell You

Among Hollywood's few remaining household names, Tom Cruise is famous for acting like a robot, Tom Hanks for doubling as everyone's next-door neighbor, and Nic Cage for freaking the hell out. But can any living human truly reproduce the former Nicolas Coppola's unearthly wail or his uncanny ability to convince viewers that things are not quite right beneath what's left of his hair?Cage's famously horrifying voice has yet to replace the Wilhelm Scream as the industry's go-to shriek. But a few German creatives recently teamed up to make a site that not-so-scientifically gauges one's ability to match his volume and intensity.The Nic Cage Rage Page asks, "When push comes to shove, when shit hits the fan, could you do it? Could you Rage Like Cage?"

6 Keys to Conquering SXSW

Austin’s SXSW is never about just one thing, it’s about one more thing. Brands look to outdo each other, startups look to outshine each other and parties look to be more epic than the last. Starting today with the interactive portion of the festival, Austin is a case study in the social media phenomenon of “fear of missing out,” or FOMO.