Frustrated Newspapers Are Dealing With the Fallout From Surprising Endorsements of Presidential Candidates

It's a whole new ballgame, folks. This election has reached a new level of bizarre, and newspapers and online journalists alike have had to adapt to a new, slightly more hostile environment.

This Newspaper Turned Its Front and Back Pages Into an Anti-Violence Protest Sign

Have you ever heard what people say about Latinos? They're intense, passionate and "macho"—a quality that's often seen as protective.Obviously, these are stereotypes. Another side of the "Latin man" is that he can be sensitive and expressive. But embracing "machismo" for its good qualities, without examining the bad stuff, can have unpleasant cultural side effects—like controlling behavior, which can lead to femicide, not to mention relatively unpunished rape. (Hey. Sounds familiar.)To show its support ahead of an Aug. 13 protest in Peru, Grupo el Comercio-owned newspaper Peru 21, one of the most popular papers in the country, tossed its cover pages into the ring. With help from McCann Lima, the paper converted its front and back pages into signs that protesters could grab off newsstands, flip open and carry in the streets. 

The New York Times Just Bought an Agency Focused on Virtual and Augmented Reality

You can't buy me love, but The New York Times just bought Fake Love.

HBO Bought a Full-Page Ad in a New Hampshire Paper for Veep’s Jonah Ryan

The sheer lunacy of our current election cycle is frightening, but it's also very watchable. The same could be said for HBO's Veep, a show that many Washington, D.C., insiders have reportedly called the most realistic portrayal of politics.It shouldn't be surprising, then, that the marketing gurus at HBO decided that New Hampshire voters would appreciate an ad for the show's most-hated character and his current campaign for a congressional seat. (Obviously if you're not caught up on the current season, this post will have light spoilers.) 

Lucasfilm Ran This Ad in an Irish Paper to Thank the Locals After Filming Star Wars There

In an infinitely classy and gracious move, Lucasfilm took out an ad in the Irish Examiner to thank the communities of Crookhaven, Goleen and the Brow Head peninsula, where parts of the upcoming Star Wars movie (Episode VIII) were shot, for putting up with them.The ad references the "tireless commitment of our Irish crew" in glowing terms, and states that "the enthusiasm and support of all the people of West Cork have made our Irish adventure one we will always treasure." 

This Newspaper Used an Algorithm to Play a Nasty Trick on Readers in Comments Section

A publication in Pakistan is taking an aggressive approach to stressing the importance of press freedoms—by helping readers better understand the unpleasantness of having their own words inverted.

Publishers Tell Ad-Blocking Browser to Back Off

The nation's most powerful publishers—including The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal—sent a letter Thursday to Brave Software, accusing the company of creating a web browser that steal publishers' content while removing their ads.

The Economist Will Pitch Sponsored Mini-Documentaries in Its NewFronts Debut

The Economist—the 172-year-old British publication known for its thoughtful perspectives on politics, international affairs and finance—will showcase Economist Films for the first time during this year's Digital Content NewFronts.

The New York Times Isn’t Backing Down From Story That Compares NFL to Tobacco Industry

Even during the offseason the National Football League can't stay out of the public eye.

This Experiential Marketing Shop Creates Immersive Work for People Who Hate Advertising

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