New York Times Magazine

The Media Got Dressed Up for Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week brought together media's biggest stars and their fashionable counterparts, while print magazines celebrated success.

Jake Silverstein Named Editor of New York Times Magazine

Following a months-long search, the New York Times Magazine has finally found a new editor in Jake Silverstein, the editor in chief of Texas Monthly.

Hugo Lindgren Named Editor of The Hollywood Reporter

Hugo Lindgren has found his next act after leaving The New York Times magazine: editing The Hollywood Reporter.

New York Times Planning to Reassess Sunday Magazine

It’s been over a month since Hugo Lindgren confirmed his departure as editor of the New York Times Magazine, but don’t expect a successor to be named anytime soon.

Bill Keller Abandons ‘NYT Magazine’ Column

New York Times’ executive editor Bill Keller will end his New York Times Magazine front-of-the-book column

‘NYT Magazine’ Editor Chris Suellentrop Moving to Yahoo

Chris Suellentrop, former story editor at The New York Times Magazine, is joining the Yahoo News blog network as its deputy editor starting Aug.

Keller Blurs Line Between Writer and Executive

It was announced yesterday that Jill Abramson would succeed Bill Keller as New York Times executive editor, making her the first woman in the paper’s history to hold the position.