New York Daily News

Google, Local News Sites Create Private Exchange

Google today struck an advertising deal involving more than 800 local newspapers and 200 TV stations, including the New York Daily News and McClatchy publications.

N.Y. Daily News Releases City Guide App With MyCityWay

Since launching in December 2009, city guide app developer MyCityWay has been providing users with tools to help them navigate their space, from mass transit reports and news to weather and event listings.

Video-Hungry Newspapers Let Outsider Play Editor

News Distribution Network isn’t a household name, but news consumers sure watch a lot of the videos the company distributes.

Daily News, AMI Face Prolonged Displacement

While most of the New York publishing world is back to business as usual after struggling during last week's Hurricane Sandy, tabloid publisher American Media Inc.

Google Unveils New Revenue Option for Web Publishers

Google has long been accused of being a content stealer and/or a value destroyer in certain publishing circles.

Convey Out at ‘Daily News’—Ex-‘News of the World’ Editor to Replace Him

New York Daily News editor in chief Kevin Convey is getting the boot, according to a staff memo from the tabloid’s owner, Mort Zuckerman, which was published this afternoon by Capital New York. Effective Jan.

Firings, Takeover Rumors at the ‘New York Daily News’

The New York Daily News might have moved to upgraded digs recently, but the New York Post’s Keith Kelly is keeping speculation alive that owner Mort Zuckerman could be on the verge of handing the reins over

‘N.Y. Daily News’ Got Tip of Bin Laden Death Hours Early

Most of the world learned about Osama bin Laden’s death when President Obama announced it late Sunday evening.