Mobile Ad Study Finds Interstitials Only Slightly Better Than Banners for Being Seen

Interstitial ads might not be much more promising for marketers than banner ads. And it appears neither format has much of an effect on mobile viewers.

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Since the beginning of time, the mind has been a mystery. Since the beginning of advertising, humans have tried to solve it.

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Time Warner’s Media Lab Knows What You Like to Watch

Time Warner’s media lab got a chance to flex its brain on Super Sunday—along with Innerscope research, the neuromarketing nerve center brought in 40 people to its biometric lab and another 20 to a room specially outfitted for the occasion. The perks?

Neuromarketing Isn’t Quite There Yet

The quasi-science of measuring emotional responses to advertising has made gains but still has a ways to go before it's not considered experimental.

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The future of market research has no room for bad teeth. Or Englishmen.

False memories but real brand experiences

Giving people a personal experience of your brand may be easier than we thought. Apparently, when it comes to personal experiences, people are prone to just making them up. A […]