Network Advertising Initiative

Report: Ad Networks Adhering to Strict Privacy Guidelines

In a perfect world, the Network Advertising Initiative's annual compliance report would have come out before 60 Minutes trashed the data tracking and collection on the Web for interest-based advertising.

Consumers Will Soon Be Able to Opt-Out of Targeted Mobile Ads

While the World Wide Consortium sputters and spits trying to negotiate a Do Not Track standard to protect consumer privacy online, the digital advertising business is forging ahead with expanding its self-regulation program to mobile devices.

Ad Nets Step Up Self-Regulation

In the ongoing Washington debate over privacy, advertising networks get the worst rap.

What Google’s Privacy Snafu Means for Self-Regulation

Will Google's latest privacy misstep compromise the ad industry's self-regulation efforts? The discovery that Google and a handful of other companies were circumventing the privacy settings on Apple's Safari browser and had to recant has already brought back the privacy debate in Washington with a vengeance.

More Ad Networks Get Good Privacy Report Card

The number of ad networks complying with the Network Advertising Initiative's strict online privacy code nearly doubled from 2010 to 2011, according to NAI's annual report.