Nestea Is Perfect for That Truly Giant Thirst

Giant boyfriends should be good for big laughs, right? That's the premise of this "Start of Something Different" spot for Nestea by Wieden + Kennedy in London. It tells the tale of an average gal who starts dating a lovable oaf who's as tall as an allosaurus. Nestea Suggests Dating the Elderly

The elderly might not be your first choice when it comes to people you'd want to date. But why close yourself off? They need some lovin', too.

Nestea Drinkers Don’t Mind a Little Age Gap

This Nestea spot from Wieden + Kennedy London starts out like a typical lame-brain beer commercial, with a pair of scruffy guys at the beach spinning a bottle to pick out which bikini-clad chick one of the slackers will hit on. When the bottle stops, however, it's pointing at a senior-citizen sweetie. Oh man, bummer.

Nestea likes them young and exotic-looking

Nestea makes iced tea, but it gets all hot and bothered when it comes to those sexy foreign-exchange students. That's the take-away from new ads for Nestea Red Tea that […]