What Marketers Need to Know About Cars as the Next Must-Have Mobile Devices

Drive-time DJs and radio ad-sales folk must be shuddering at the thought of a world in which the self-driving car is a reality. As if music streaming apps weren't bad enough, stealing away all those listeners, drivers will soon be able to devote their time and attention to any number of diversions. Want to catch up with your favorite Netflix series as you're stuck on the highway?

How BBH Just Added 4 Emerging Tech Companies to Its U.S. Client Roster

Tech-based startups continue to grow and mature, and with that momentum more are turning to advertising agencies to help spread the word about the innovative products and services they've created. 

Nest Isn’t Just Smart and Sleek, But Funny Too, in First TV Ads

The connected-home company, Nest, is about to air its first TV commercials, a series of four humorous spots that show off the company's smart thermostats, smoke alarms, Web cameras, etc. Google owns Nest, competing for the growing interest in smart devices controlled by mobile phones.

Google Takes $7B Hit In Motorola Sale

Google’s Motorola adventure came to an abrupt end today, as the search giant unloaded the smartphone maker for a more than $7 billion loss. It’s the best money Google ever lost according to Wall Street, which never liked the acquisition.

Most of Nest’s Facebook Fans Dislike the Google Deal

Digital appliance brand Nest may have racked up a cool $3.2 billion with its announced purchase by Google, but the brand is also feeling the heat from its fans.

Google’s Purchase of Nest Likely to Raise Privacy Questions in D.C.

Washington may have been in learning mode when it comes to the so-called Internet of Things and privacy issues. Even at the Consumer Electronics Show last week, most regulators said they were in an information-gathering mode.

Google Welcomes Nest Home

Google is spending $3.2 billion to buy Nest, the hardware for the home technology startup.The acquisition is Google’s second-most expensive purchase after its 2012 deal to buy Motorola for $12.5 billion. Nest was founded in 2010, and develops smart thermostats and smoke detectors in a growing category of connected devices.

Nest Invents a Smoke Detector You Won’t Ignore and Despise

Nest, the brand that reinvented the clunky old thermostat into something swank and intuitive, has just announced its new creation: a smoke detector that isn't super annoying.

Ex-Apple Employees Rethink the Household Thermostat

Nest, a company of ex-Apple employees who saw their former employer redefine pointless gadgetry in the 21st century (I'm specifically referring to the iPad here), is giving a much-needed face-lift to something useful: the common household thermostat. According to their ad, Nest's thermostat is kind of like a TiVo for climate control, using a range of sensors and local weather data to predict what temperature your house needs to be. The Nest can also be controlled from your Web browser or iPhone, which sounds ridiculous, until you consider things like the remote-controlled gas fireplace in my dad's old house. Anyway, I saw climate-control systems like this at the Solar Decathalon in D.C. a couple of years ago, but the Nest has a cleaner, simpler design (no surprise) and good reviews from both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. And you don't need to live in a house made from recycled Mountain Dew bottles to access this technology, which is a definite plus for most people. Maybe they could offer a two-for-one with the Present seasonal clock. Second video after the jump explains more about the technology. Via Co. Design.