FCC’s Wheeler Will Try Once Again to Calm Net Neutrality Firestorm

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is trying his best to do damage control over the poor reception his proposed net neutrality rules have gotten. It's so bad that on Wednesday at the Cable Show in Los Angeles, Wheeler will try once again to negate the bad headlines and accusations that he's out to kill the Internet as we know it.

Malone’s Liberty Media Snaps Up Charter Stake

The cable pioneer who Al Gore once referred to as “Darth Vader” has fired up the tractor beam, as John Malone’s Liberty Media has snared a significant stake in Charter Communications.

House Hearing Tackles Future of Video

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on about today’s communications laws, it's that they’re woefully out of date.

Cable Companies to Expand WiFi

Five of the nation's largest cable companies have agreed to connect their WiFi networks, giving their Internet customers access to metro WiFi through more than 50,000 hotspots in the New York City area, Los Angeles, Tampa, Orlando and Philadelphia. The service, available to subscribers whenever they roam outside their own cable system, will be dubbed "CableWiFi."

NCTA: A Fancy Gala for a Terrified Industry

As the vast majority of cable show attendees kicked off the first night of NCTA with a Cubs game or a dinner or an open bar somewhere downtown, industry bigwigs flocked to the Cable Hall of Fame awards ceremony for their own party last night.

NBCU’s Okun Exits to Form D.C. Lobby Firm

Bob Okun, who's headed up NBC Universal's government relations team for the past 16 years, is leaving his job. He won't be leaving town, though. Like many others who've haunted the halls of Congress, he's forming his own lobbist firm, which he's dubbed The "O" Team. It will open its doors July 1, with Comcast and NBCU as its first clients.