NBA Finals

Warriors-Cavs Finale Is the Most-Watched NBA Game Since Michael Jordan Era

Though it may not be as impressive as ending Cleveland's 52-year title drought, LeBron James helped the NBA end another streak. Sunday night's thrilling finish to the 2016 season was the most-watched NBA game this century. The Cleveland Cavaliers 93-89 victory averaged 30.8 million viewers, the first NBA game to cross the 30 million threshold in 18 years.

Gatorade Sorry for Mocking Powerade Spokesman LeBron James Over Cramping

When LeBron James had to stagger off the court last night with a heat-induced leg cramp, one brand seemed all too happy to pour a few hundred milligrams of sodium into the wound. 

Summertime Blues: New Off-Season Broadcast Series Founder

Like a Band-Aid floating in a public swimming pool, broadcast’s new summer series are turning out to be a total bummer.

The Season of Broadcast Disconnect

Perhaps no series is more emblematic of cable’s summer slate than the HBO vampire drama True Blood. A gory bouillabaisse of sex, death and escapism, Alan Ball’s gleefully erratic swamp opera seems to share a strand of DNA with nearly every show on cable.

The Puck Stops Here: NBA Melts NHL in Ratings Race

After the NBA Finals and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals both got off to fast starts last week, the two championship series are heading in two very different directions.

ABC to Draw Big Stats With LeBron, Dwyane, and Dirk?

Chicago’s epic meltdown in Game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals last Thursday did TNT no favors, but it set up the greatest possible title matchup for ABC.