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Valentine’s Day Spending Is Projected to Reach $18.9 Billion This Year

This Valentine's Day you're probably planning to shower your loved ones with special trinkets to show your love: jewelry, candy, a special night out, maybe some milkbones. Wait a second.

Why Black Friday Is Overrated (and Always Was)

Travis Dent hopes Black Friday just dies, not least because it's already killed seven people.

Patent Troll Bill Officially Stalled in Senate

High hopes for a new law aimed at curbing patent troll abuses were all but dashed today when Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), chairman of the judiciary committee, said he was taking a patent reform bill off the agenda.

White House Pushes Forward on Combatting Patent Trolls

Following up on the President's pledge to combat patent trolls, the White House plans to announce Thursday afternoon additional executive actions and call on Congress "to finish the job."

House Committee Votes to Advance Bill Aimed at Patent Trolls

After a marathon markup session that lasted into the evening, the House Judiciary Committee passed a bill targeting abusive patent troll practices. In a bipartisan 33-5 vote, the Innovation Act will now head to the House floor, where it has a good chance of passing.

Senate Panel Takes on Patent Troll Demand Letters

The Senate's commerce committee jumped into the fight against patent trolls, holding a hearing on demand letters, the most reviled tactic used by patent assertion entities to extract license fees.

Bill to Curb Patent Troll Abuses Taking Shape

Even as Congress battles over funding the government, new legislation to curb abusive patent troll practices is beginning to take shape.

Ad Campaign Asks Consumers to Tell Congress to Stop Patent Trolls

Congress may be out of town, but that doesn't mean it can hide from Beltway lobbyists. Giving lawmakers a little nudge to make sure they keep their promise to take up patent reform legislation addressing patent troll abuses when Congress returns Sept. 9, four associations are launching an ad campaign tomorrow in 17 states.

Patent Troll Lobby to Descend on Congress Thursday

The National Retail Federation, the 4As,, the Coalition for Patent Fairness and some of the more than 50 organizations of the Big Tent coalition fighting patent troll abuse will descend on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

50 Groups Coalesce to Fight Patent Trolls

To impress on Congress that those who stake patent claims, aka patent trolls, are using dubious practices to wreak havoc on nearly every business sector, a diverse group of 50 organizations—including the five advertising and marketing associations that formed the Stop Patent Abuse Now coalition—have joined forces.