National Park Service

Bill Nye Is Hosting a Facebook Live View-A-Thon to Raise Money for National Parks

Bill Nye—the quirky, energetic, bow-tied science guy from the hit educational show—spent the 1990s winning over the hearts and minds of students with the goal of helping them see that "science is cool." Now, two decades later, he's hoping to reach those fans with a mobile-first message focused on making the nation's parks cool, too.

This 80-Year-Old Marine Biologist Will Broadcast Her Next Sea Dive on Facebook Live

Earlier this week, BuzzFeed's interview with President Obama—which was billed as a historic, real-time Facebook Live event—never got on track, stalling with a frozen screen after only a few minutes.

Check Out These Cool Nature-Monument Mashups in New Campaign for National Park Service

Grey New York is doing some fancy Photoshop work to highlight the glory of American nature and monuments in a compelling new outdoor and print campaign for the National Park Service. The agency is using mashups to contrast the diversity of the 407 American destinations overseen by the government agency.

In Centennial Campaign, Grey N.Y. Offers New View of America’s National Parks

It's not America's national parks as you picture them: In a new campaign, Grey New York showcases sites like the Statue of Liberty, Alcatraz and Little Rock Central High School. As the National Park Service prepares to celebrate its centennial in 2016, Grey is using the milestone event to reacquaint Americans with the historical gems in their own backyards.  

New Logo Reintroduces the National Park Service

The National Park Service’s 100-year anniversary isn’t until 2016, but it's celebrating early by getting a face-lift for its logo.

Grey N.Y. to Lead National Park Service Effort

Grey, New York, is pitching a tent with the National Park Foundation, the philanthropic partner of the National Park Service.