How to Make Your Sadistic Advertising Boss Utterly Pathetic and Powerless

This business is full of wankers who rarely get their comeuppance. If one of them is your boss, you have very few options. You can quit via late-night viral dance video. Or, in Canada at least, you can turn him or her into an intern. This month, for the third straight year, the country's National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS) is holding its Vintage Intern Auction, an initiative from Toronto creative agency Zulu Alpha Kilo that lets bidders get "revenge" on any of 12 notable executives and thought leaders from the business—by making him or her an unpaid intern for a day. Bidding starts at $2,000 for each victim, and all proceeds go to help the 1,300 families supported by NABS, which provides assistance to people in the communications and related industries who are suffering illness, injury, unemployment or financial difficulties. Zulu Alpha Kilo again created the ads for this year's event, and they comically focus on the revenge angle. "The campaign taps into the insight that you don't get to the top without ruffling a few feathers along the way. We were fortunate that all of this year's interns were great sports and could laugh at themselves a little," says Zak Mroueh, chief creative officer and CEO at Zulu Alpha Kilo. Check out the work below, and scroll down to see which 12 Canadian ad leaders are for sale through the online auction. (Bidding ends Oct. 31.)