Music Videos

How Vevo Is Personalizing the Ad Experience With Brands Like Honda

Vevo wants to become the Lunchables for music videos, more or less. "Music videos are snackable. Bite-sized. That's why they're so popular," said Vevo's svp of national sales, Adam Smith. 

Vevo Will Use Its Music Video Expertise to Help Brands Create Custom Content

Vevo is launching a new team to help brands develop marketing for the music industry. In addition to the new programming promised at today's NewFronts presentation, the digital music video company will announce a branded content business called Vevo BE, according to CRO Jonathan Carson.

Breyers Shows You What Parents Do After the Kids Go to Bed, and It’s Pretty Messed Up

After the kids are tucked into bed, parents like to turn the lights down low, put on some not-safe-for daytime programming, and get down and dirty ... with frozen desserts. At least, that's what Breyers claims in this off-the-hook song-and-dance number from DDB that manages to get "I said so" to rhyme with "gelato." The music video is an extended version of a concept visited in an earlier 15-second spot, in which a young son catches his parents snacking on Breyers Gelato Indulgences in the middle of the night. If you thought the first ad was cheesy, this cringe-worthy version goes on way too long, and really makes you feel like you did walk in on your parents doing something you shouldn't have seen.

Let’s All Thank Weird Al for Turning ‘Blurred Lines’ Into an Anthem of Proper Grammar

Weird Al might not be the hero an illiterate Internet wants, but he's certainly the one it needs.

Can Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Revive the Music-Video Network?

The revolution is now being televised.

Katy Perry Gives WhatsApp a Starring Role in Her New Video, Free of Charge

Ever wonder exactly which messaging service Katy Perry uses to chat about being a champion while she’s taking a dump? Well, mystery solved: It’s WhatsApp. In just a few days, millions have already watched the lyric video for Perry’s new single, "Roar," which is told through a rapid-fire group chat on Perry’s iPhone.

A Whole Lotta Pointin’ Going On in Band’s Crowdsourced Music Video

Get ready to have your mind blown. Dutch band Light Light has created one of the most amazing interactive music videos ever, housed on a site called The site tracks your mouse pointer throughout the video and shows you where everyone else pointed, as well.

Ad seeking freaky actors irks Kings of Leon

The Kings of Leon are hoppin' mad after a casting agency put out an advertisement calling for people with "scars, pockmarked skin, physical abnormalities or deformities" to appear in the […]

OK Go adds TV to its potent marketing soup

OK Go, those spunky ninjas of online marketing, have put out another one of their reliably viral all-in-one-take music videos, this time with dogs and jumbo-cup stacking. But now they're […]

Razorfish office salutes CCO in music video

It can get tricky when agencies go the hokey-music-video route. Witness Publicis London's lip dub last December, or Bold Ogilvy Athens's paean to David Ogilvy. But Neue Digitale/Razorfish isn't afraid […]