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Brands Can Now Buy Sponsored Replays and Skips on Pandora Based on Genre

Back in September, Pandora started selling a subscription service called Pandora Plus. As part of the new feature, the music streaming company also added a new advertising format to its ad-supported business that lets brands pay to spons

Spotify Is Now Letting Brands Target Listeners Worldwide via Their Playlists

Don't be surprised if the Spotify ads you hear start to match the vibe of your playlists.

Pandora’s First CMO Is Leaving the Company, the Latest in a String of Leadership Changes

After joining Pandora in 2011 as the company's first chief marketing officer, Simon Fleming-Wood is stepping down from the role.

Las Vegas Made an Extra $110 Million in Tourism Revenue Thanks to Digital Ads and Pandora

Las Vegas wants to be known for more than just its glitzy casinos. It also has a burgeoning electronic dance music, or EDM, scene and DJs that bring in crowds to the city's hotels and nightclubs.

This Ad-Tech Company Thinks Interactive Video Ads Can Bypass Blockers

With the rise of ad blocking and fraud concerns, publishers continu

Spotify’s New Outdoor Ads Expose Justin Bieber’s Surprising Hipster Appeal

Among all of Brooklyn, N.Y.'s trendy neighborhoods, Williamsburg is probably the one most associated with hipsters—who are typically music snobs. But surprisingly, it turns out ol' Billyburg is chock-full of Beliebers.

Google’s Plan to Win the Music-Streaming Marketing War: Partner With Cool Brands

The advertising-supported online radio space is messy. Pandora, Spotify, Apple, iHeartRadio and Google are all duking it out for the biggest piece of the market, and they're all putting serious marketing muscle behind online music.

All Brands Can Now Buy Hour-Long Sponsored Listening on Pandora

Pandora listeners are about to get a lot more free music—if they agree to watch ads.

Here Are 5 Major Marketing Implications of Google Play Music

Google made its foray into free music streaming today with the launch of an ad-supported version of Google Play Music, which will compete head-on with Pandora, Spotify and the forthcoming Apple Music.

Ad of the Day: Spotify Helps Deaf People Hear in This Emotional New Spot

Hearing brings a world of joy to people, but it's a sense not everyone is lucky enough to have.