Why Amazon Plastered This NYC Subway Train With Nazi and Imperial Japanese Imagery

UPDATE: Amazon is pulling these ads, reports Variety. UPDATE 2: Gothamist has more on the removal of the ads, revealing that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo pressured the MTA to take the ads down. Amazon did not request their removal. See our original post below: Amazon's advertising for its latest original series, The Man in the High Castle, includes symbols of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan posted all over a Shuttle train in New York City's subway. The campaign, which runs from Nov. 15 through Dec. 14, has some consumers alarmed. 

These Ads for Period Underwear Aren’t Too Risqué for the NYC Subway After All

There's nothing subtle about these ads from Thinx for its female-targeted product. But are they risqué? More specifically, are they too hot for the New York subway system?

Heineken Hopes to Create a Subway Symphony by Making Musical Turnstiles

If things go according to plan, the sounds of the New York subway system could change by 2019. At least, that's what Heineken is hoping.

N.Y. Subway Riders Can Now Shop on Amazon While Underground

Earlier this year, design firm Control Group partnered with New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority to roll out large digital kiosks underground that display maps of the city's transit systems.

Turner, CBS Outdoor Tip Off NYC Subway Media Play

In what’s being billed as the biggest underground digital out-of-home network to date, CBS Outdoor and Turner Broadcasting System have teamed up to bring a little dazzle to the New York City subway system.

Why Is My MetroCard Red?

If you're a New Yorker and you bought a MetroCard sometime in the last week or so at a "high-traffic" station (Herald Square, Penn Station, Coney Island, Times Square, etc.), you may have noticed something was very different. Rather than the sunny yellow New York commuters have come to know, the card the machine spat out this time was crimson.

Mind the Gap! First Advertiser Jumps Aboard the MetroCard

New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority has begun rolling out ads on the front of its MetroCards. First stop: the Gap, which exhorts riders to "Be bright NYC," with the word "bright" stamped in multicolored letters against a

NYC to Plaster Ads on Front of MetroCards

Frankly, I'm surprised it took so long for New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority to sell advertising on the front of its iconic yellow MetroCards, especially considering the backs have been open for business for the past 17 years.