Here Are the Year’s 4 Best Out-of-Home Campaigns, as Judged by the OBIE Awards

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America gave out its 2016 OBIE Awards for the year's best out-of-home advertising in Boca Raton, Fla., this week. Four agencies walked off with Best of Show prizes—for innovative and beautifully designed outdoor work.

What You Really Learn From Your First Year on the Job

8 Ways You Should Be Using LinkedIn (but Probably Aren’t)

LinkedIn, that workhorse of social networks, lacks a lot of the excitement of its peers. It doesn't have Facebook's 1 billion daily active users, Twitter's real-time cachet or Snapchat's undying millennial devotion.

Why Snapchat Is Becoming the Hottest Social Tool for Ad Agencies

With attention shifting from Facebook and Twitter to social darling Snapchat, some agencies are hoping to turn their ephemeral posts into recruitment and new business opportunities.

Moms Explain What Their Kids Do in Advertising in This Agency’s Mother’s Day Video

Creative and technology agency MRY celebrated Mother's Day by having its staffers video chat with their moms. And along the way, the moms were asked what they think their kids actually do for a living in advertising.To say they're unclear about that is an understatement.

Big Spaceship Has Found Its First Chief Creative Officer

Big Spaceship has reached within MRY and found its first chief creative officer, Cedric Devitt. Devitt will join the nearly 90-person Brooklyn office of Big Spaceship on March 9. He will report to founder and CEO Michael Lebowitz, who noted that the shop has added Devitt's role following significant growth.

Here’s What Would Happen If Ad Agencies Hired Drones as Employees

Sure, drones are almost taking people's heads off at TGI Friday's. But they can be loyal and useful airborne employees for brave ad agencies willing to embrace the future.Or maybe they'll just wreak havoc.

For the Advertising and Tech Elite, CES Is Shaping Up to Be the Next Cannes

When the tech world comes to Las Vegas this week to show off its hardware, a shadow convention will thrive behind the scenes. It's the one for the advertising industry that goes anywhere shiny new screens take it.

Acquiring a Social Agency Is Sounding Less Sexy by the Month

Social media marketing is generating lots of buzz for brands, but interest in acquiring shops that specialize in it is another story.

Is Vine’s Loop Counter Useful or ‘Weird’ Marketing Math?

Just three months after Twitter-owned Vine launched a "loop counter" feature that tracks the number of video views, some industry executives are skeptical about how valid the metric is in gauging the effectiveness of short clips.