Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean Will Seduce You With His Cleaning Abilities in the Brand’s Bizarre Super Bowl Ad

Mr. Clean may not be down with dirt, but he's definitely able to get down and dirty on the dance floor. Turn on some old-school R&B, hand him a trusty magic eraser and he will not only leave your surfaces absolutely spotless but also ... seduce you?

Cheeky New Work for Mr. Clean Kicks Off Search for a New Face

Procter and Gamble is on the lookout for a new Mr. Clean.

Ad of the Day: Mr. Clean Is Freshened Up for Millennials With a Catchy Upgraded Jingle

Everybody's favorite bald, muscular clean-freak returns to TV commercials today with a revamped jingle from Leo Burnett Canada that's so kitschy-catchy, no amount of scrubbing will wash it out of your brain.

Hot, Bald and Possibly Gay: How Mr. Clean Has Kept It Fresh for 5 Decades

How did Mr. Clean come into our lives?

Keeping It Clean With the Cleaners [Video]

Hello,I'm Lauren Reeves and I'm here to break down what advertisements really mean, because if I know anything, I know hidden persuaders. Sometimes you can even smell them. So this week I've been looking at cleaning products. Turns out that underneath my sink there is a world of repressed feelings, emotions and lusts, and often pine scented. Hope you enjoy.

Ad of the Day: Mr. Clean

He had plenty of friends, but a different idea of fun."

Vote for the Best and Worst Brand Extensions

Quick—do you know what Starbucks Coffee Liqueur, Ralph Lauren for the Pet and Mr. Clean Car Wash all have in common? Answer: Each is an example of a brand extension—a new product that a brand famous in one category rolls out in another category.

Be a Mr. Clean ‘Man Maid’ for Your Wife This Mother’s Day

Looking for a cheap Mother's Day gift that your wife will love? Mr. Clean has you covered with a binding contract you can sign to be a Man Maid. That's right, you volunteer to be a real-life Mr. Clean. Though it is not stipulated in the contract, the commercial clearly suggests that Mr. Clean Man Maids should wear tight, white Mr. Clean T-shirts and flex their muscles as often as possible. (You do not, however, have to shave your head.) I am, sadly, the mess maker in my relationship, so this campaign won't help me very much. (I could buy a French maid outfit, although that's not usually what you do if you want to get any actual cleaning done.) But for all the male slobs out there, a bottle of Mr. Clean is way cheaper than a dozen roses and may be even more likely to get you laid. Two more spots after the jump.