Why Marketers Shouldn’t Be Seduced Into Using Believable Bots

Sex and advertising are usually a reliable mix. Unless, of course, you trick consumers into thinking they might have a chance of hooking up with your deceptive spokesbot masquerading as an online dater.Willful indulgence in fantasy is one thing, but catfishing potential customers is another.

Are These YouTube Stars Coming to a Theater Near You?

Lionsgate is betting big on YouTubers and will help distribute the upcoming film, The Smosh Movie, giving a dirt world boost to some popular online stars.

New Movie Promotion Asks You to Dish on Your Closest Relations

There's nothing like a Whisper campaign for building movie buzz. The secret-sharing app is a key element for promoting the new Paramount Pictures film Men, Women and Children, asking people to post anonymous gossip about friends and neighbors.

Viacom Shows World Movie 43’s Dirty Parts

Can you sell a raunchy comedy to the audience using only one cable network group? Relativity is betting you can. Viacom, parent company of Comedy Central, MTV, BET and VH1, has an unprecedented exclusive deal to hype its Movie 43, a raunchy comedy coming out in January and starring Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber (yes, you read that correctly).