Fast Chat: Our Information ‘Filter Bubble’

Adweek: Your book is called Filter Bubble. What’s that?

‘House’ star films pro-choice ad for MoveOn

This week’s controversy over a race-centric anti-abortion billboard in SoHo—rapidly taken down—came against the backdrop of a broader political battle over federal funding for women’s health services. Liberal advocacy group […]

Rebellion traces GOP dystopia back to you

Putting yourself and your friends in fake news clips is a pretty dated viral technique, but keeps the idea entertaining with its new anti-Republican effort for the Nov. 2 […]

Heather Graham is hot, limber public option

Let's break down MoveOn's "Track Meet" commercial. Healthcare providers and insurance companies: bloated, bad. Public option, personified by Heather Graham: limber, good. Healthcare competition: good, because it would give consumers […]