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Moto Makes You Master of Your Own Whimsical Phone Lab in This Handcrafted Spot

Droga5 likes building elaborate, full-scale sets for its Motorola spots rather than relying on computer effects and camera tricks. This approach seems especially apt in "The Maker," a minute-long clip touting a site that lets users customize their Moto X smartphones.Moto Maker is a site that lets users trick out their handsets in various colors and designs. Options include metal accents, wood tones (like teak and bamboo), laser-etched signatures and, for a limited time, football leather. (Motorola asks that "you resist the urge to spike your phone," which is probably always good advice.)The spot shows the same guy in two rooms separated by a wall: on one side, he's clicking away on a computer to detail his Moto X. On the other, he's running around a fanciful laboratory, where he employs robotic arms, chemicals and laser beams to tailor his phone. Director Vesa Manninen of Reset Content injects the proceedings with whimsical charm—and the impressive visuals are on par with previous entries in Motorola's "Choose Choice" campaign.The overarching strategy of "The Maker" is itself a smart choice, since the term has taken on heightened significance with the emerging Maker Movement. Letting users make creative decisions to suit their interests and personalities, even on a limited basis, is a decidedly cool selling point that Apple can't claim.The dude in the commercial was wise to scuttle his "Panda King" imprint in favor of the more practical "Ben's Phone." Going with the bamboo finish, however, is so 2013.

See How Droga5 Actually Made the Insanely Intricate Sets for Moto’s New Ads

Who needs CGI when you can build your own outlandishly complex ad props by hand?Clearly Droga5 is up to the challenge, as illustrated by the behind-the-scenes video just released by the agency to recap how it created four new spots for Motorola Mobility. The ads—for the Moto X and Moto G smartphones, Moto 360 smartwatch and Moto Hint wireless earbud—slowly reveal their interconnected prop designs, showing the complete set in the closing frames.Despite sharing one large sound stage and production crew, the ads each feel completely unique, with the unifying factor being a flowing sense of shot planning and craftsmanship. It's a nice continuation of what we saw in the agency's earlier spot for the Moto E, which turned a 3-second drop into an epic 60-second journey.Check out the behind-the-scenes photos and videos below, followed by the finished product and credits.

How Google’s $7B Loss On Motorola Is A Success (Or Not)

Google spent $12.5 billion for Motorola, sold it off in pieces that returned $5.1 billion, and yet some analysts are claiming that it was a deal well struck.

Google Takes $7B Hit In Motorola Sale

Google’s Motorola adventure came to an abrupt end today, as the search giant unloaded the smartphone maker for a more than $7 billion loss. It’s the best money Google ever lost according to Wall Street, which never liked the acquisition.

FTC Finally Closes Google Investigations

Ending weeks of speculation and rumor, the Federal Trade Commission today finally closed its nearly two-year antitrust investigation into Google that will no doubt leave Google's competitors unsatisfied.

DOJ Clears Google-Motorola Deal

Finally a good day for Google. The acquisitive search giant Monday got green lights from both the European Union and the Department of Justice for its $12.5 billion deal to purchase Motorola Mobility.DOJ grouped the announcement of Google's acquisition approval along with other patent deals involving Apple, Microsoft, RIM and Novell.