Moto X

Google Takes $7B Hit In Motorola Sale

Google’s Motorola adventure came to an abrupt end today, as the search giant unloaded the smartphone maker for a more than $7 billion loss. It’s the best money Google ever lost according to Wall Street, which never liked the acquisition.

Google’s Wood Phone Finally in the Wild

Google’s Moto X phone was launched this summer, but one model has been kept from the public: he bamboo version.The Moto X is Google’s first smartphone born completely out of its purchase of Motorola in 2012. Google allows customers to build custom devices online with different colors—front, back and accents.

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Volvo Driving Hamster Goes Viral

It's often said that YouTube is just a bunch of dogs on skateboards videos. But this past week, it was actually more accurately all about hamsters driving Volvos.

Smartphone Ads Infiltrate YouTube, Led by Moto X’s Lazy Phone

The Moto X Lazy Phone ad is a true hit on YouTube.

Motorola ‘Lazy Phone’ Spot Gets 7 Million Views in 3 Days

Motorola's "Lazy Phone" commercial has garnered a whopping 7 million YouTube views since going live three days ago. The humorous, 1-minute spot captures a hippy-looking dude who is ultimately playing the character of a smartphone that relies on touch-screen applications to work.

Consumers Like Microsoft Nokia Deal, At Least Based on YouTube Numbers

In the smartphone game, Microsoft has been a distant third-place player for a while, which is what makes the company’s acquisition of Nokia so interesting.