Mother London

A 53-Year-Old Ballerina Personifies Defying Age in This Skin Care Ad

Beauty and skin-care products often have a similar goal—to defy age. When it comes to personifying that concept, skin-care brand No7 has chosen the ideal spokesperson: Alessandra Ferri, who was the youngest prima ballerina at London's Royal Ballet at 19 and is still dancing professionally at 53.

Ever Heard of Sébastien Artois? Mother London Tells Fun, Secret History of Stella Artois Founder

It's funny. Yesterday for Hennesy X.O., executive creative director Alexander Kalchev of DDB Paris critiqued the premium spirits sector for its "clichés of success" and "dusty heritage stories."Now, Stella Artois may not be premium (despite the chalice), but what we've got here is a play on both the success cliché and the heritage story—except that, far from dusty, it's energetic and super-fun. 

Stella Artois Confections a Dazzling Zoetrope of Glasses to Raise Cash for Clean Water

Add Stella Artois to the list of zoetrope marketers, only its elaborate spinning take on the genre is for a noble cause—as seen in a new ad that builds on "Buy a Lady a Drink," a partnership campaign with to bring clean water to communities in need.

Take an Irresistibly Silly Ride With MoneySuperMarket’s Epically Funky Elephant

Wave your tusks in the air like you don't care!An elephant with some serious funk in its trunk shakes its behemoth boo-tay down a busy nighttime thoroughfare to the beat of Cameo's "Word Up" in this MoneySuperMarket spot from Mother London.

Ad of the Day: Ikea Drifts Between Dream and Nightmare in a Lofty Ode to Sleep

This gorgeous and unnerving gem from Ikea and Mother London is so ethereal it couldn't have been filmed in the real world, right? Wrong, actually.

Ikea’s Whirling New Kitchen Ad Will Leave Your Head Spinning

Here's a kitchen ad that might leave you a little nauseated, but for once that has nothing to do with food.

Here’s What Happens When 5 Digital Natives Must Endure a Week Without Internet

No Internet for a week. This is not happening. This is not happening! But it actually did happen for five digital natives who volunteered to give up their phones, laptops, tablets and other connected devices for a "No Internet Week" last month.

Mother Names Carlos Bayala Top Creative Chief

It’s the football transfer season in the U.K. and those rabid soccer fans at Mother have snared an Argentinean star.