10 Stories of Creative Partners Who’ve Endured and Thrived Without Killing Each Other

Creative partnerships are very much like romantic relationships. You find someone who sees the world the same way you do; you feel that spark of connectedness; you start building something […]

Purell and TNT Ads Remind You That Hand Sanitizer Is Good in a Global Pandemic

Gas masks might imply that something stinks, but that's probably not the intended message of Mono's Grand Central Terminal takeover this week promoting Michael Bay's TNT series The Last Ship. (A stinker from Michael Bay? No chance in hell!)

Activewear Maker Lucy Urges Women to Drop Into a Yoga Pose at the First Sign of Holiday Stress

How do you deal with holiday stress? Activewear maker Lucy is humorously urging women to try something unconventional this year. Try dropping to the floor and adopting the "child's pose" from yoga—with your legs tucked under you, your head down and your arms outstretched in front.

Target Rolls Out Four More Amusingly Fashionable Grocery Ads

If you enjoyed the first four Target grocery ads that pretended to be fashion spots, here are four more—selling diapers, lightbulbs, oatmeal and fruit snacks. They broke Sunday night during the Golden Globes. Love the stylish yet self-deprecating nature of this whole campaign. Great music on all the spots, too. See the previously released spots below:

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

This week, DirecTV posits that cable is worse than lots of other terrible things, Blake Griffin wants you to "Be amazing," and McDonald's chicken is literally out of this world.

Ad of the Day: Target

Target has turned the grocery aisle into a runway.The retailer, long known for its design sense, is launching a new campaign for its groceries that parodies fashion advertising—with models in slow-motion vignettes, against stark white backgrounds, showing off Target's "Everyday Collection" of cake mixes, laundry detergents and fresh packaged meats.

Tillamook Wants You to Have Sex With Its Cheese

What better way to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month (what, you didn't know it was National Grilled Cheese Month?) than by watching some amusing new Tillamook cheese spots from Mono in Minneapolis? The campaign is based around the theme of love—drippy, cheesy love between Tillamook cheese and all kinds of different foods. Check out one spot below, and five more after the jump. The campaign also includes a sampling tour and a new logo for the century-old brand, as well as a revamped website from Hello Design. Go roll around in food porn. 

Bird and bee face fertility problems together

A few months old, though new to us, is this campaign from EMD Serono, a pharma company, to raise awareness of infertility. Created by ad agency Mono, the Web clips, […]

Seems like a lot of work just to sell a chair

Mono has launched an online campaign so convoluted and off-kilter for Herman Miller's Embody chairs … I dunno, maybe it's a brilliant concept that I'm just too stupid to understand. […]