Ad of the Day: Gaming Spot Makes Horrifying Use of Robert Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken’

Robert Frost has been frightening lit majors for years. For the rest of us, however, the American poet's thoughtful 1916 masterpiece "The Road Not Taken," with its quiet lines about paths diverging in a yellow wood, hasn't been the stuff of nightmares. Until now.

Ad of the Day: Friends Rampage Through Games in PlayStation’s Salute to Friendly Competition

The great thing about video games is you can do all kinds of cool, crazy, dangerous and impossible things without actually having to do them.

Ad of the Day: Cute, Quirky Chevy Commercial on the Oscars Was Made for $4,000

Imagination and ingenuity can drive you almost anywhere—even to the Academy Awards telecast. So learned Jude Chun, a South Korean independent filmmaker whose delightful minute-long winning entry in Chevrolet and Mofilm's international Oscars competition aired during Sunday night's gala on ABC.

Coca-Cola’s ‘Smile Back’ Video: Cute or Kind of Creepy?

Coca-Cola's new "Smile Back" out-of-home stunt (scroll down to see it) is cute and nicely done, and everyone everywhere will love it. But let's overthink it for a moment. Coke is famously skilled at being able to "Open happiness," as its slogan goes, through innovative real-world stunts. These have ranged from overly generous vending machines to splittable cans and personalized bottles. The typical transaction is that Coke gives you something of obvious value—a free drink or a fun, surprising experience—and that thing makes you happy, sometimes infectiously so. That's an honest interaction. This new stunt, though—produced and crowdsourced with Victors & Spoils and MOFILM—is different. As the company explains in the YouTube description: