Mobile World Congress

Facetime: Coast to Coast Parties

From Barcelona to Hollywood, celebrities and media stars came out to celebrate.

The 10 Most Interesting Stats Revealed at Mobile World Congress 2016

BARCELONA, Spain—Mobile World Congress wrapped up Thursday with a record 100,000 attendees. From stats on Netflix signups to mind-blowing numbers from companies powering mobile phones, here are the 10 figures that got people talking this week.

Digital-Savvy Millennials Will Sacrifice Privacy for Personalization, Says Leo Burnett Exec

BARCELONA, Spain—Marketers have grappled with privacy regulations for years, but the rise of younger generations who are accustomed to receiving targeted digital ads may finally be changing the game for retail brands.

Big Tech Firms Are Ready for the Internet of Things, Even If Marketers Are Not

BARCELONA, Spain—By 2020, there will be 50 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices globally, according to Cisco. That's the one big stat that keeps coming up at Mobile World Congress this week to quantify how big the mobile industry is poised to become.

Tech-Savvy Brands Share 4 Vital Tips for Going All in on Wearables

BARCELONA, Spain—Connected devices and the so-called Internet of Things has been a massive theme at this year's Mobile World Congress, particularly in fitness. A quartet of brands today spoke about how they've built platforms and services that cater to specific types of consumers like athletes and fashion trend setters.

In the Future, Visa Will Tell You When It’s Time to Fill Up Your Car With Gas

BARCELONA, Spain—For Visa, mobile payments are old news. Nowadays, the brand has its eye on tying the Internet of Things to payments—starting with the connected car. While not yet a reality, Visa is showing off a prototype of a connected car app built with Honda at Mobile World Congress this week.

Can Mobile Save the Cruise Industry?

BARCELONA, Spain—When you think of the world's biggest mobile brands, Royal Caribbean probably isn't the first name that comes to mind, but its fleet of ships are slowly becoming floating digital hubs.

Yahoo Exec Calls Out Mobile Ad Blocker for ‘Destroying the Ecosystem’

BARCELONA, Spain—A panel discussion about ad-blocking at Mobile World Congress showed just how high the tension is getting between advertisers, tech companies and ad blockers.

Marketers Can Now Buy Keyword-Based Mobile Ads for 100 Million Worldwide Locations

BARCELONA, Spain—A number of location-based ad-tech players are at Mobile World Congress this week to talk about the shift from online to real-world advertising, and xAd's pitch to global marketers is particularly interesting.

Can Marketers Stop Ad Blocking by Offering Free Mobile Data?

BARCELONA, Spain—Would free data be enough of an incentive for people to turn off their ad blockers?