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How Interest Groups Will Improve the Quality of Mobile Content and Ads

Facebook Is Expanding Its Burgeoning Ad Network to the Mobile Web

Facebook is expanding its ad network from just third-party apps to the mobile Web.

Millennials Want Mobile Video Ads to Be Short and on Every Device

Chances are the next video you watch will be on your mobile phone or tablet. Record numbers of viewers are turning to these devices every day to watch a funny clip shared by a friend or even tune in for a live NFL game.

Google’s Mobile Update Has Websites Worried About Search Rankings on Phones

Google is about to release an algorithm update that could affect mobile traffic, the new lifeblood of the Internet for many websites.

14 Digital Trends on Kleiner Perkins’ Venture Capital Radar

Snapchat and WhatsApp both account for 700 million photos shared daily. The average Google user is six times more valuable than the average Facebook user. Buzzfeed is big on Facebook but not as big on Twitter, where BBC is the top media brand. And 25 percent of global Internet use is on mobile, but only 4 percent of ad dollars is.

New York Times Launches First Full Mobile Site Redesign Since 2006

Until recently, the New York Times mobile site was exactly the same as it was when it launched in 2006, back when touch-screens were a rarity, the Motorola Razr was a high-tech device, and the iPhone had yet to enter our common consciousness. But today, that finally changed when the Times debuted its first full redesign of

David’s Bridal Gets Mobile Makeover as Traffic Surges

With 50 percent of consumers using banks' mobile websites, per an Interactive Advertising Bureau report yesterday, one can imagine the opportunities retailers in more product-y niches are seeing with on-the-go consumers.

Blueye Wants to Turn Your Social Activity Into Sales

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