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Facebook Thinks Shoppers Will Use Their Phones More Than Ever This Holiday Season

If last year's holiday shopping habits were any sign of things to come, marketers planning their holiday budgets might want to prepare for more mobile advertising and shopping than ever before.

Parents Are Increasingly Using Mobile Devices for Back-to-School Shopping

This year's back-to-school shopping seems to have parents spending more on mobile—and more overall.

Why People Choose to Shop—or Not to Shop—on Their Phones

Mobile shopping isn't going anywhere this year.

Why Early Holiday Shopping on Mobile Might Hurt Black Friday Sales

Mobile shopping could already be cutting into bricks-and-mortar retailers' holiday sales, according to Facebook. The Menlo, Park, Calif.-based company's analysis is based on a combination of data points that it's releasing today—some of which center on consumers' intentions going into Black Friday and others that examine how they shopped last holidays season. 

Infographic: For Moms, Mobile Is Now a Vital Part of the Shopping Experience

Today's moms are finding that mobile devices are becoming an integral part of their shopping experience, starting well before stepping into a store. BabyCenter talked to over 1,000 moms about how they use their mobile devices through the purchase process.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma is Adweek’s 2014 Media Visionary

A former English teacher, Jack Ma became the richest man in China by leading Alibaba to a $25 billion IPO this year. The e-commerce giant (which appears on this year's Hot List as Hottest Shopping Site) has a bigger market capitalization than Amazon and eBay combined and plans to expand further by targeting emerging markets while upping its mobile game.

How Having Higher Income Affects How Men Spend and Consume Media

Men tend to spend money on the same goods and services regardless of wealth, but the rich are roughly twice as likely to take a luxury vacation and eat organic, the Shullman Research Center found. And while men in general tend to be bigger Internet consumers, those with a household income of more than $500,000 a year are still catching your ads in magazines, newspapers and on television.

Millennials Use Apps to Beat Elders to Bargains

A new study from the Ibotta app shows why millennial-focused marketers should beef up their mobile initiatives.

Infographic: Holiday Mobile Sales

With smartphones becoming the new shopping device, how will mobile impact holiday shopping this year?

Apple’s Passbook Problem

The idea is a good one.