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How Nokia’s Original Ringtone Became the Most Played Tune on the Planet

When Audrey Arbeeny addresses an audience, she likes to play a game called Name This Sound. Arbeeny, founder of the New York-based sonic branding firm Audiobrain, plays several jingles in a row—Intel's bongs, the NBC chimes, HBO's white noise—and asks attendees to guess the corresponding brand. Success varies, except for one instance.

Togetherness Co-Creator Jay Duplass on How His Transparent Character Helped His Style

Specs Age 42 Claim to fame Co-creator and co-executive producer of HBO's Togetherness (returns Feb. 21); co-star on Amazon Prime's Transparent Base Los Angeles

Tumblr’s New York City Outpost Is Full of User-Made Art

Big numbers surround Tumblr. Nearly three years ago, Yahoo bought the quirky blog platform for a cool $1.1 billion; and today the site hosts nearly 300 million blogs and boasts […]

This Week’s Must-Haves: Headphones With Built-In Music Streaming

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting headphones with built-in music streaming, '90s cartoon couture and a router that'll solve your Wi-Fi woes. Take a look!

Here’s How Neuroscience Can Help Improve Mobile Marketing

Since the beginning of time, the mind has been a mystery. Since the beginning of advertising, humans have tried to solve it.

Infographic: a Close-up Look at Gen Z’s Mobile Habits

A new study from Fluent focused on the mobile habits of the college-aged Gen Z demo.

This Tech Player Helps 400 Brands Get a Bigger Bang for Their Digital Advertising Buck

Specs Who CMO Patrizio Spagnoletto (l.), founder and CEO Mark Douglas (c.) and chief product officer Marwan Soghaier What Advertising software company Where New York and Los Angeles

When It Comes to Content Marketing, Not Everything Is ‘Epic’

Specs Current gig Evp and general manager at Meredith Xcelerated Marketing (MXM) Previous gig Evp and chief client officer at MXM

DJ Khaled’s Positive Outlook and Accessibility Helped Make Him the ‘King of Snapchat’

King of Snapchat DJ Khaled wants you to know he's up to something. Of course, if you follow him on the wildly popular mobile platform, you already know that.

What It Means for Consumers and Brands That New York Is Becoming a ‘Smart City’

On a sunny January day, a young mother strolled along New York's West 107th Street, explaining a strange phenomenon to her son. Before cellphones, there used to be these things along the sidewalks you could put a coin in and make a telephone call from, she told her bewildered child. She might as well have been describing a wringer washing machine.