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FCC to Unveil Mobile Speed Test App

The Federal Communications Commission entered the app world today, unveiling the FCC Speed Test app, a cute tool that allows consumers to check out their mobile speeds and answers questions about their wireless service. Rolling out first for Android, the FCC promises an iOS version soon.

FCC’s Clyburn Keeps FCC Wheels Turning

Federal Communications Commission chair Mignon Clyburn showed during the agency's monthly meeting today that she isn't just going to be a bench-warmer for nominee Tom Wheeler.

Sandy Knocks Out 25 Percent of Communications

Sandy wreaked havoc with the nation's communications from Virginia to Massachusetts and as far west as Michigan. The slow-moving monster took out about 25 percent of wireless, broadband, cable and telephone services throughout 158 counties resulting in dead air for 7 to 8 million people, the Federal Communications Commission reported Tuesday afternoon during a press briefing.

Broadcasters Warn of Consequences From Spectrum Auction

WASHINGTON—With any debt ceiling package that passes Congress—if indeed one passes at all—almost certain to contain a provision for a spectrum auction, broadcasters have realized they're running out of time to ensure that they're protected.