Tomorrow’s CMO Will Be Plugged Into the Entire Marketing Cycle

The checkout screen at the gas station knows more about you than you think.

These Will Be the 6 Hottest Categories at CES

Wearables will be even more wearable. TVs more viewable. Drones more available. 3-D more printable. This year's Consumer Electronics Show will feature everything from biometric socks to 3-D scanners, and […]

Bloomberg’s Paul Marcum Is Trying to Make Business Videos Go Viral

Photo: Alfred Maskeroni

Retailers Hope to Bag Rivals’ Customers on Twitter

Google “conquesting” has long been an e-commerce practice where marketers buy ads targeted at consumers searching for other brands’ products. But for holidays 2013, ’tis the season for poaching customers on a particular social platform that just went public.

A Glimpse Into Bay Area Agency Venables Bell & Partners


AdColony Knows the Secret to Better Click-Through Rates

Specs Who (l. to r.) Mike Owen, chief revenue officer; Will Kassoy, CEO; Nikao Yang, svp, new business development and marketing What Mobile video ad platform Where Los Angeles offices

Brands Brace for Deluge of New Domains in April

The launch of hundreds of new top-level domains, such as dot-app, dot-music, even dot-sucks, is only two months away, and skittish advertisers are bracing for a return to the Web’s Wild West days.