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Why Buyers Aren’t Panicking About All the TV Shows Getting Trimmed This Fall

Each year, a few familiar touchstones mark the passage of fall: trees shedding their leaves, the end of Daylight Saving Time and the ritual cancellation of broadcast's lowest-rated new shows. Yet for the first time in more than 15 years, the networks made it to November without pulling the plug on a single new series.

Beyond Blindspot, These Are the New Fall Shows Primed to Be Picked Up for Full Seasons

One of the early questions every fall, as the new TV season kicks off, is what will happen first—the season's first cancelation or its first full-season pickup (when a network moves beyond the original 13-episode order for a 22-episode run)? This year, the latter came first when NBC ordered nine more episodes of Blindspot, fall's No.

Which New TV Shows Are Emerging as Winners and Losers So Far This Season?

The first week of the 2015-2016 TV season is in the books. And while there are still several new shows debuting in the next few weeks (Fox premieres its two new comedies, Grandfathered and The Grinder, tonight), we already have a good snapshot of how this season is shaping up, which new shows already seem likely to receive full-season pickups and which seem destined for early exits.

Empire Continues to Reign, Drawing 16.2 Million Viewers for Its Season 2 Premiere

Returning last night after a six-month hiatus, Empire showed that it's still a phenomenon with audiences. An impressive 16.2 million viewers watched the Fox drama's Season 2 premiere Wednesday night. The show had a 6.7 rating among adults ages 18 to 49, two full points higher than any other scripted series during this week's premieres.

A Year After Hitting Rock Bottom, Fox Rebounds With Several Promising New Fall Shows

We’ve reached Day 4 of Adweek’s week-long fall TV preview, and today we’ll be looking at Fox, which hit rock bottom this time last year: four of its five fall […]

Broadcasters Are Going Movie-Crazy During Pilot Season

Pilot season this year boasts five nonclassic movies being refurbished as contenders for primetime placement on broadcast this season (not counting script deals for Big, Marley & Me, The Money Pit and The Illusionist), so we asked the same question you're probably asking: why the rush to pay homage to a collection of cinematic treasures with a mean score on Metacritic of 51 out of 10

The Adweek Agencies of the Year Issue [Video]

What are the criteria to be Adweek's Agency of the Year? Plus: Minority Report-style advertising is genuinely on its way says one ad guy, and a chat with Parks and Recreation twitterer extraordinaire, Retta.