Minnesota Lottery

Minnesota Lottery Rallies Vikings Fans for an Epic Battle in Ad for Its New Scratch-Off Game

Football season is almost here, and for Minnesota Vikings fans it also means there's a new Vikings-themed scratch-off game from the Minnesota Lottery to help kick team spirit into high gear. 

How This Minneapolis Agency Plans to Help the Minnesota Lottery Cater to Millennials

The Minnesota Lottery wants more young people—the ones who use their smartphones to do everything from ordering a pizza to paying friends for movie tickets—to buy more lottery tickets. The problem?

Animals and Aging Baseball Greats Sing for the Minnesota Lottery

You know that dream you have after eating too many corn dogs at the ballpark—the one where animal puppets play banjos, washboards and jugs as they sing the praises of the Minnesota Lottery with ex-professional baseball players? C'mon, it can't be just me. Former Twins greats Bert Blyleven (above) and Kent Hrbek warble along with skunks, woodchucks, gophers, squirrels, deer and other assorted wildlife in these likably looney spots from ad agency Olson. There's a pie-thieving bear in the spot with Hrbek, who looks pretty ursine himself—and full of pie—these days. (I guess he's a bearitone. Ha ha! OK, that was a balk.) The mounted bass sings along—nice touch! These commercials play like '70s Saturday morning kids' shows—The Magic Garden and The Bugaloos flash back to mind—though that hippy-era stuff was even more drug-tinged than this furry freakout. The whole crazy-critters approach may seem to strike an odd note, but for this particular client, it's a natural. Second spot after the jump.

Creepy snowman fails to warm up lottery ad

Can a leering, scary snowman sell holiday scratch tickets for the Minnesota State Lottery? Ad agency Olson is betting that the frosty fright can do just that in this silly […]

Big creepy people make the lottery more fun

You have to admire the range of Colle+McVoy's work for the Minnesota State Lottery. (You'll notice I said the range of work, not necessarily the work itself.) Since the year […]

Lottery ads know you’ll squander the money

What kind of mega-millionaire would you be? Colle+McVoy and the Minnesota Lottery pose the question in three new ads. For me, harems and solid-gold tracksuits spring to mind, as they […]

Hamsters earn some scratch in lottery spots

Again with the hamsters! They were gigantic in ads for the Kia Soul, psychotic in that Swedish electronics campaign, and formed a jazz band for Drench water. Now, thanks to […]

Colle+McVoy gets in character for Monopoly

Like the Minnesota Lottery itself, Colle+McVoy is always changing games. Its creative approach for the client has varied wildly from campaign to campaign. Now, the agency throws everything against the […]