Staying Independent Helps This Minneapolis Agency Win Over Big Brands

Specs Who (L. to r.) CFO and COO Virginia Hines; president, CEO Liz Ross; and CCO Peter Nicholson What Full-service ad agency Where Minneapolis

Prince’s Most Inspirational Talent Was Mastering the Art of Surprise

What defines talent? Or lasting ideas? A legacy?Prince knew.From the beginning, he used surprise to his advantage.He surprised the experts in the recording studios with stunning ability on almost every instrument at a very young age.

How This Minneapolis Agency Plans to Help the Minnesota Lottery Cater to Millennials

The Minnesota Lottery wants more young people—the ones who use their smartphones to do everything from ordering a pizza to paying friends for movie tickets—to buy more lottery tickets. The problem?

Why More Agencies Should Drag Their Staffs Out to the Middle of Nowhere

Drive a little ways southwest of Minnesota's Twin Cities, past the suburbs and exurbs, and you might find yourself in the pastures of a small town with 559 residents. It's a place called Green Isle, where a sign welcomes visitors to "a little bit of Ireland."

Olson Sells to Consulting Group for $295M

Olson, one of the industry’s largest remaining independent agencies in America, has signed a definitive deal to be acquired by ICF International, a Fairfax, Va., provider of consulting services and technology solutions to government and commercial clients.

Mayoral Hopeful Makes Ad Soaking Wet in His Underwear, Swears Off Strip Clubs

Man, who woulda thunk Midwestern municipal politics could make Anthony Weiner's campaign antics look boring?

First Mover: Jeff Kling

Specs Age 45 New gig Chief creative officer, Fallon Old gig Executive creative director, Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam