Mike Zaneis

Limit to Ad Tax Deduction Is in Rep. Camp’s Tax Reform Package

Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), the outgoing chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, unveiled his tax reform package Wednesday, and the bad news for the advertising and media industries is that it includes new limits on the advertising tax deduction. As feared, Camp's proposal would cut the deduction by half in the first year with the rest amortized over 10 years.

Mozilla’s Cookie-Blocking Plan Forces Ad Biz to Seek Alternatives

The Digital Advertising Alliance wants to be ready when Mozilla starts blocking cookies by default in its Firefox Web browser.

Small Internet Businesses Head to Hill With Mozilla Topping Agenda

Small Internet publishers have been to Washington before to tell their story, but this time they are gathering with a singular purpose: to persuade lawmakers to put more pressure on Mozilla to change its plans for blocking third-party advertisers cookies by default in its Firefox browser.

Ad Networks Beware: Firefox to Block Third-Party Cookies

The Interactive Advertising Bureau' lashed out Saturday at a new Firefox policy to block third-party cookies, effectively cutting off ad networks' ability to track users. That could be put a crimp in the growing online behavioral advertising business, but give privacy advocates a victory in their attempts to give users more control over their online information.

Take That, Microsoft: Digital Ad Community’s Final Word on Default Do Not Track

The interactive advertising community has an answer to Microsoft's decision to go ahead with its default Do Not Track browser: We won't honor it and we won't penalize companies that ignore it.