Michelle Obama

The Obamas Gave an Intimate Behind-the-Scenes Virtual Reality Tour of the White House

In exactly one week, the Obamas will move out of the White House.After eight years, President Barack Obama and his family will move to a new home as his time in office comes to an end. But before it does, the First Family wanted to give the public one last tour of its home—but this time in virtual reality.

This VR Campaign With Michelle Obama Aims to Inspire Kids by Showing Them National Parks

If every kid in the country had a chance to experience some of the most amazing national parks and learn about their history, they might be more inclined to protect and preserve them in the future. 

Nick Offerman and Michelle Obama Take You Through Six Decades of Exercise Fads

No single decade in recent memory has a monopoly on style. Or questionable exercise methods.A new video, "The History of Exercise," stars Nick Offerman and Michelle Obama looking back on past—and present—contraptions for working out, as a way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition.

Michelle Obama: Marketing Can Make America Healthier

I don't think I ever could have imagined that, as first lady, I would appear in an episode of Billy on the Street to promote fruits and vegetables and would wind up slow dancing with Big B

SXSW Reveals Its Biggest Speaker Lineup Ever: Barack and Michelle Obama

President Barack Obama has accomplished a lot of "firsts" when it comes to commanders in chief and digital media.

Facetime: Photos From the Latest Awards, Festivals and Premieres

The Clio Sports Awards heated up the summer with a show-stopping event at Cipriani 42 Street in Manhattan. VIPs and brand sponsors also kicked off The Essence Festival in New […]

Upworthy Claims It Can Deliver Its Positive Spin for Brands

At some point, you've probably come across a post from Upworthy, the publisher known for its emotional stories that make readers feel pumped up about the world.

How the Fist Bump Became Mainstream Enough for an Insurance Company

There’s no agreement as to where the gesture originated. Some say on the basketball courts in the 1970s. Some point to the Wonder Twins. Others say the boxing ring where padded gloves made a handshake impossible.

This Startup Agency Counts Michelle Obama Among Its Clients

Specs Who (L. to r.) Joe Perello, co-founder and managing partner; Doug Spitzer, partner and CCO; Arie Kovant, co-founder and managing partner What Full-service agency Where New York office

Bert and Ernie to Plug Veggies to Kids

Families and children could soon see Big Bird popping up on displays of broccoli, or Ernie next to a basket of apples.