Miami Ad School

Here’s a Creative Director’s Worst Possible Reaction When Critiquing Your Portfolio

Here's a fun little promo for the Miami Ad School's Toronto location, showing a portfolio critique that seems like good news at first for our young hero being interviewed—but soon the truth becomes more painfully obvious.

Miami Ad School Shows You Just How Gloriously Stupid an Advertising Career Can Be

If you work on the creative side of advertising, you'll earn a paycheck for, among other things, crafting ads where sloths and hairdos sing and piano players caress keys with 30 fingers on a half-dozen hands.

Creative Ideas Die Messy Deaths in Ad School’s ‘Dumb Ways’ Parody

It's a bit surprising that no one's done this until now, but here it is—a parody of the megaviral "Dumb Ways to Die" train-safey video showing various ways in which creative ideas die ignoble deaths in the ad business.

Ad School Grads Crack Up Conductors on NYC Subway

Halfway down each subway platform in New York City hangs a black-and-white striped sign. Before opening the train doors, a conductor is required to point at the sign to acknowledge (for safety reasons) that the train has fully arrived in the station.