The Coen Brothers Return to the Super Bowl After 15 Years With This Mercedes Ad

Fans of the Coen Brothers can look for their work during the Super Bowl on Feb. 5. Joel and Ethan Coen have directed a new Super Bowl ad, their first in 15 years—a 30-second spot for the Mercedes-AMG brand, a new point of differentiation from the luxury automaker.

5 Instagram Tips From Mercedes-Benz, Which Gets Superb Engagement on the Platform

Follow Mercedes-Benz on Instagram, and you'll soon learn two things: It posts several times a day across the brand's properties, and people eat it up.

How Mercedes-Benz Is Using Facebook and Instagram’s Direct Messaging to Play Secret Santa

If you think direct-messaging features on social channels are marketing wastelands, guess again.

Marketers Should Look Beyond the Dazzle of CGI and Embrace Storytelling

One day this fall, thanks to an Internet rabbit hole I happened to tumble down, I saw an Audi commercial, "Birth," which had come out six months earlier. That's dog years in today's world, so why did this particular ad stop me cold?

Here Are the 12 Best Facebook Marketing Campaigns From the Past Year

The Ice Bucket Challenge was the past year's best use of Facebook marketing, according to the social network, which just announced its ad award winners. It's no surprise the viral campaign got so much praise—Mark Zuckerberg even participated.

10 Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats From the Week: Nov. 3-7

Here are this week's 10 most interesting data points from the digital marketing world, including numbers that show how the space continues to grow as well as stats for holidays marketers. Check them out below.

Study Finds Mercedes Advertising Outperforms Competitors Across the Board

Over the past few months, Mercedes' digital team has nimbly worked a number of social platforms to build brand awareness.

Here’s Why Automakers Are Ahead of the Game in Digital

For years, automakers were synonymous with branding-based advertising, but the shift to digital has steered more of them toward direct-response marketing. Of course, sizable ad budgets help, but there’s more to why automakers are first movers on practically every new type of digital promo.

Mercedes Generated 54% More Traffic by Running Ads on 2 Major Social Sites

Within digital marketing, Facebook is largely seen as a direct-response advertising platform while Instagram is used primarily for branding. Today, Mercedes is sharing results from a social-heavy campaign, claiming to be the first brand to run Instagram and Facebook ads in tandem.

Executive Kidnapping Fears Trigger BMW’s New Armored SUV for Russia

As the traditional wisdom goes, a brand that prospers is the one that answers the needs of its market. The nimble R&D team at BMW AG proved this maxim at the Moscow International Automobile Salon yesterday, by unveiling armored versions of its X5 SUV.