Meow Mix

Meow Mix Unveils Catstarter, a Kickstarter for Cats

It's a wonder that cat-related brands don't already rule the Internet.Cat-food brand and renowned jingle lover Meow Mix makes a move in that direction with an amusing and even potentially useful parody of Kickstarter—called Catstarter—envisioned as a way to crowdsource cool new cat-related inventions. Ad agency EVB conceived the site as a playful, feline-focused version of the well-known crowdfunding platform. But instead of actually backing Catstarter projects financially, you can just click on the ones you like, and Meow Mix will produce the most popular ones.The site launches with three products; the top vote getter will go into production this spring. (The heated companion keyboard is an inspired one that I'll back right now.) It's also an R&D lab of sorts, as the brand also wants people to suggest ideas for making kitty lives better—something we can all get behind, yes?Full credits below.

Cee Lo Green Creates a Purrfect Meow Mix Remix With His Cat

Cee Lo Green and his Persian cat Purrfect have remixed the famous and recently revived Meow Mix jingle into a swinging little tune. For each free download, the cat-food brand will donate a pound of Meow Mix to the Los Angeles branch of the Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS) charity.

Meow Mix Brings Back Famous Jingle You Never Knew Was Gone

Cats rule the Internet. So, it seems odd that Meow Mix retired its famous advertising jingle in 1996, when the Web was just getting going. Singing cats meowing over and over? Seems like instant traffic gold. The Del Monte Foods brand certainly hopes so, as it's now bringing the jingle back, 16 years later, in ads from Draftfcb in San Francisco. Not that many people realize it ever left.