Snapchat Is Suddenly Attracting a Lot More Millennial Women Than Men

Women love Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, as we've learned in recent weeks.

An Open Letter to the AAF President on the Ridiculousness of All-Male, All-White Juries

Dear Mr. James Edmund Datri, The year is 2016. Or it was, last I checked. Yet seeing the lineup that the Chicago Advertising Federation put together for this year's American Advertising Awards judging, I wondered if it might be 1955:

How Philips Hooked Young Men With a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Campaign

Engaging an audience online—especially the fickle millennial male—can be a tall order.

Online Video Ads Have Higher Impact Than TV Ads

TV may still dominate the advertising market, but the audience for online video is soaring, with 58 percent of the U.S. population streaming, up from 38 percent five years ago.

How Brands Use the Ritual of Shaving to Sell Everything

If you're a postpubescent North American male and reading these words right now, there’s a good chance that you shaved your whiskers off this morning. Chances are, too, that you’ve heard some of the traditional reasons why you bothered: that most women prefer it, that most employers prefer it, that it makes a guy look younger.

Men Like Mobile Ads More Than Women

Recent research has already suggested that men respond to Facebook ads more than women, and now the same appears to be true about mobile.

First Mover: Joanna Coles

Specs Age 50 New gig Editor in chief, Cosmopolitan Old gig Editor in chief, Marie Claire

The Spot: Bond’s Favorite Beer

IDEA: James Bond doesn't always drink beer. But when he does, he prefers … well, Heineken. With apologies to Dos Equis, 007 is the original "most interesting man in the world." And he declares his allegiance to the Dutch lager in a new global campaign from Wieden + Kennedy timed to the release of the latest Bond movie, Skyfall.

The Manscape

Men, who needs them?