Why Presidential Candidates Should Only Share Political Memes With Great Caution

If 2012 was the "Twitter Election," this year's presidential race is more about zingers in the form of memes and GIFs than 140 characters—especially with presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump socking it to his rivals daily on social media.

Created for Election Season, This Website Lets You Vote for Your Favorite Political Memes

How do you feel about Donald Trump barfing Snapchat rainbows? Maybe you prefer Ted Cruz accidentally hitting a kid in the head with a football or a classic Hillary Clinton face swap with Trump. Whatever your preference is in political memes, there's now a website where you can vote for your favorites thanks to digital agency Big Spaceship.

12 Reddit Posts That Ruled the Internet in 2014

Reddit has become the Internet's worst-kept secret, now with 175 million monthly visitors, according to its own stats. Still, it can feel like a hidden corner of the Web, as […]

Asus Has Finally Created the Perfect Digital Device for Birds With Arms

Stop it, you're quilling me. Birds with tiny human arms and hands soar in sublimely silly style thanks to SuperHeroes's first global campaign for the Asus Transformer T100 2-in-1. This is the same Amsterdam-based agency that's perhaps best known for its prankvertising efforts on behalf of LG. In "Modern Birds," a freaky fingered flock demonstrates the features of the Asus laptop/tablet hybrid. The idea is that birds know how to get stuff done #OnTheFly. Savvy consumers of Internet culture will recognize that birds with arms are nothing new.  "We've always loved the birds-with-arms meme," agency ecd Rogier Vijverberg tells AdFreak. "And when looking for a spokesperson for Asus we saw the match. Birds are truly always on the move, plus they would allow us to have a great outside perspective on our modern human race."

The Web Is One Sketchy Place in Squarespace Super Bowl Teaser

Website design service Squarespace has posted a teaser for its Super Bowl ad, which paints a pretty dreary picture of today's Internet.

Man Happily Eats Insects for Snapple Video Series

Andrew Zimmern, star of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods America, devoured a plate of insects for a Snapple multimedia series that debuts May 1.