Media Rating Council

Google Is Rolling Out New Technology for Publishers to Count Mobile Viewability

After getting suspended from the Media Rating Council—which has become digital advertising's de facto measurement watchdog—last month, Google is slowly starting to roll out a new way for publishers that use its DoubleClick for Publishers to measure mobile viewability.

ANA Asks Facebook to Open Up Its Platform for More Third-Party Measurement

One week after details about Facebook inflating its video metrics for advertisers were discovered, the Association of National Advertisers has called for an audit and accreditation of the social platform's metrics.

New Research Finds That the Average Mobile Ad Takes 5 Seconds to Load

A week after issuing its first set of guidelines about mobile viewability, George Ivie, CEO and executive director of the Media Rating Council, explained what the changes mean for marketers during a presentation at the Interactive Advertising Bureau&

MRC’s First Stab at Viewability Standards Treats Mobile Ads the Same as Desktop

Almost a year after it started the process of measuring mobile viewability, the Media Rating Council has issued its first set of guidelines, which recommend that marketers treat smartphone and desktop ads the same.

How Can Marketers Be Certain Their Mobile Ads Are Actually Getting Seen?

Having addressed marketers' concerns about desktop viewability (ads that are actually seen by consumers) in 2014, the Media Rating Council is now in the hot seat to provide guidance on mobile advertising.

How the MRC Is Transitioning From Measuring Desktop Viewable Ads to Mobile

Advertisers are starting to demand chargeable mobile impressions from the Media Rating Council after it announced plans in May to

News Startups Like ‘LittleThings’ Are Trying to Tackle Viewability Early

The issue of viewability, online ads people can actually see, is the cause of much Sturm und Drang among publishers and advertisers these days, but a new wave of media upstarts are hoping to sidestep the issue by designing ad-friendly sites early on.

Google Sets New Viewability Standard for Web Ads

Google is looking to set the tone when it comes to making sure real people can actually see ads served on the Web.

Advertisers Seem to Care More Than Publishers About Seeing Ads

Advertisers have been pushing for the online ad industry to address ad viewability for the past several years. It's a reasonable goal, as brands would like to make sure people can actually see the ads they are paying for.

Ad Viewability Debate Disrupts the Marketplace

Call them crazy, but advertisers want to make sure people can see their online ads. Yet the industry isn’t quite ready to meet that requirement. And that’s a big problem. Indeed, as the industry wrestles with how to make sure its ads are actually viewable, the prolonged debate is wreaking havoc on the marketplace.