Media All-Stars 2011

Media All-Stars 2011

The morphing of the media world from a flat landscape of traditional buys to a 3-D bazaar of ever-multiplying platforms has created a dazzling, and sometimes overwhelming, array of choices for brands and their agencies.

Executive of the Year: Lisa Donohue

If the future of the media business is not just numbers, but ideas, then Starcom USA CEO Lisa Donohue is the industry's new authority.

Media All-Star: Steve Kalb

Two years ago, Steve Kalb, svp and director of video investments at Mullen, plugged into something a lot of other media agencies are only now beginning to realize: The lines between online video content and television were starting to get fuzzy. He understood that consumers wouldn't always see the world in such starkly different brackets.

Media All-Star: Kristen Colonna

Frito-Lay had a problem: women weren't walking down the snack aisle in the grocery store anymore.

Media All-Star: Shane Ankeney

In many ways, Initiative couldn't have a better salesman for performance-based compensation than Shane Ankeney.

Media All-Star: Steve Kerho

If Steve Kerho wasn't such a successful analytics geek, he might be a great science-fiction writer. A fan of the genre, Kerho--Organic's svp, strategy, media, and analytics--sees his role at the agency as akin to futurists who develop different scenarios about how the world could be, and how people might react to new possibilities.

Media All-Star: Steve Minichini

Probably best not to tell Steve Minichini something isn't possible. TargetCast tcm's president of interactive marketing has built his career on the conviction that if the best tool or the right strategy doesn't exist yet, he can find a way to create it.

Media All-Stars: Cindy Stockwell & Adam Cahill

Dunkin' Donuts made a splash this summer when it agreed to have its brand integrated, for the first time, into a social game, joining a growing number of companies trying to reach consumers during their forays into virtual worlds.

Media All-Star: Brian Terkelsen

Mark Burnett and Brian Terkelsen revolutionized the business of television over a slice and a beer. It was 1993 and Burnett, a former T-shirt hawker on Venice Beach, was looking for a financial whiz to help ride herd on a new genre of reality series designed to capitalize on the nascent trend of eco-tourism.

Media All-Star: Katie Thompson

When Mullen won the JetBlue account in June 2010, it went with a decidedly aggressive approach. But it didn't just go after competitors. Thanks to Mullen's Katie Thompson, who leads the account's digital side, it also embraced new technologies.