9 Members of Video’s Vanguard Discuss Creating Content for the Scrolling Economy


These 4 Multichannel Networks Plan to Capitalize on the Cord-Cutting Generation

By now, it's a given that millennials—some of them having cut the cord, others never having had a cord to cut—are consuming an unprecedented crush of video content on a growing array of platforms and devices.

As eSports Goes Mainstream, The CW Is the Latest TV Network to Get in the Game

Earlier this week, Adweek looked at how major TV networks like TBS and ESPN are riding the wave of eSports' growth into the mainstream. On Monday night, another big TV player will join them.

Machinima Rebrands With a TV-Leaning Strategy

Machinima, a multi-channel network (MCN) pioneer that's come under siege from increased competition, today revealed a robust rebrand to better position itself in the industry. Most importantly, it's building an advertising structure similar to a TV network to make brands feel more comfortable about buying.

How YouTube’s New Arrangements With MCNs Work

In the last week or so, YouTube has been reaching out to the various networks that operate businesses on the platform, implementing new procedures for how these companies handle copyright violations and contracts. Several new details have now emerged on those discussions. Going forward, YouTube’s network partners (multi-channel networks, commonly referred to as MCNs) have two options when working with individual creators, per sources. The MCNs can either designate YouTube creators in their networks as “managed” partners or “affiliates.”

YouTube Has a Talk With Creators About Content Rights

YouTube has been reaching out to various creators and multichannel networks (MCNs) in an effort to iron out the company’s policies on issues like copyrighted material, music rights and digital rights management. Per sources, YouTube is looking to encourage MCNs (i.e., YouTube ad networks) to be more accountable for their talent's use of media and music on the platform, while also going directly to individual performers, educating them on how music and content copyrights work in the YouTube ecosystem, and providing them with tools to adhere to those rights.