McGarrah Jessee

This Texas Agency Uses a Special Deck of Cards to Get New Hires Up to Speed

As small agencies expand, maintaining culture can be a challenge. McGarrah Jessee, an agency that threw a massive celebration complete with streamers and beach balls for its 100th employee, recently rounded out its team to 140 people. While the expansion was a big one, the agency needed to figure out the best way to bring new employees up to speed on all things McGarrah Jessee. Putting together a packet or PowerPoint filled with all the key facts about the agency, its people and clients was one route, but as a creative organization, those options didn't seem all that creative. Instead, the team decided to take a more interactive and visual route, compiling a lovely deck of 48 "Culture Cards"—which each designer at the agency had a hand in creating—that new employees collect in their first few days at the agency. 

This Agency Made a Really, Really Big Deal of Hiring Its 100th Employee, and He Wasn’t Expecting It

Lots of agencies do interesting things for new hires—like Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners, which has been known to carve their faces into the heads of crayons. McGarrah Jessee in Austin, Texas, did something quite a bit more grandiose for Elliot Nordstrom's first day. See, he is the agency's 100th employee, which called for quite the celebration. Check out the video below.

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